About Alicia


My name is Alicia Lopez. I am an infant massage teacher in Portland, Oregon. I’m certified by the International Association of Infant Massage.

I give private and group infant massage classes, during which I teach parents how to massage their babies. I also work professionally as a family support specialist for the Parents As Teachers program in Portland. I do home visits with parents and their young children/babies and teach group sessions. I understand how children behave and how to help parents respond to them. I have been training and facilitating parent and community groups for eight years. I am also bilingual and bicultural, so I easily work with diverse populations. Last but not least, I have two beautiful daughters, who have taught me a lot about working with babies and children.

Infant massage is very important to me. Touch is fundamental to creating bonding between parent and child. Bonding is about trust and affection. Doing infant massage is an opportunity for trust and affection to grow. As an instructor, I can help reinforce the parents’ reading of the child’s cues and hence reinforce their bond. I can guide parents in how to enjoy the massage more, I can reinforce the parents’ longing to connect and offer ways to improve the infant-parent connection through touch. I have learned that parents can be models for each other too: they can learn from the other parents when participating in a group infant massage class.

Infant massage also connects me with my family and cultural tradition: my mother and grandmother both did infant and adult massage in Mexico. Infant massage has been practiced for a long time in many cultures around the world.

I hope you can join me in a class with your baby. Please contact me anytime if you have any questions!

– Alicia Lopez