Massage Benefits

Infant massage has many benefits. It is a tool to help parents across cultures to get to know and enjoy their babies and to build strong, secure families. Massage helps build the bond between parent and child. Massage reduces post-natal depression and enhances parenting confidence. Infant massage classes can give parents a step up in many skills.



  • Interaction — Infant massage promotes bonding, secure attachment and verbal/non-verbal communication. It offers the baby one-on-one quality time, undivided attention and early contact with both parents. Massage uses and awakens all of the senses. It promotes love, respect and nurturing through touch.
  • Relaxation — Massage improves a baby’s sleep patterns, helps normalize muscle tone, increases baby’s flexibility and environmental coping mechanisms. It helps the baby be calm and reduces stress hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin; it lowers levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine, boosts levels of dopamine. The baby is less hypersensitive and less hyperactive.
  • Stimulation — Massage stimulates the circulatory, digestive, hormonal, immune, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, and vestibular system. It also stimulates language development and learning abilities. It helps with muscular development. It helps a baby’s sensory integration, connection between neurons and general mind/body awareness.
  • Relief — Massage can help with a baby’s gas and colic, constipation and elimination problems, gastrointestinal cramps, excess mucus, growing pains, muscular tension, teething discomfort, disorganization of the nervous system, sensitivity to touch, physical and psychological tension and softening of the skin.


Infant massage helps parents gain a better understanding of their baby and improves the reading and respecting the baby’s cues. It promotes bonding, secure attachments, improve self-esteem and confidence. It improves parenting skills through a positive activity. It’s a chance for early involvement for fathers. Infant massage gives every parent the chance to discover his/her baby’s uniqueness. And it decreases a parent’s stress levels. For moms, it can stimulate lactation and decrease postnatal depression.


Massage can improve a sibling relationship and decrease sibling rivalry.


Infant massage increases respect, helps create a more relaxed environment, reduces conflicts, and helps improve sleep.


For more information, you can visit the page of the International Association of Infant Massage